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(v) To play the computer game, Sims 2. Most often used in the gerundive form, as in "Happy Simming!"
Simming is the way I spend all my free time these days.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
So in the mood!
Guys I'm SIM for Yogurty's rn (right now)!!!
by Bradkiin June 28, 2014
Another word for a ridiculously huge cock , usually on a she-male or rather attractive male of some sort.
Man , did you see his Sim !?!?
by Jordan______S May 17, 2010
An unintelligent person; a moron; a tool. Derived from the PC game, "The Sims," where characters are known to go about their daily activities in strange, or otherwise unorganized ways that don't seem to make much sense to the players.
Man #I: ...and then he ran right into the wall!
Man #2: Hahaha! What a sim!
by Prudence Kiley September 10, 2011
(Abb. Sick In Mouth Syndrome). The act of vomiting but retaining the contents within the mouth.
I wasn't very well on the ski slopes today, I had a real bad case of the SIMS at one point
by MABarlow January 29, 2012
Short for 'simulator'. As used in the online virtual reality software, 'Second Life'. Each 512 square meter area is controlled by a computer called a sim.
Too many particles or textures will make the sim lag.
Hey, get out of my sim!
by Rusko January 11, 2008
A person with almost non-existent eyes that defy logical reasoning. Also used to explain the phenomena of closed eyes in photos, or the act of closing your eyes since the size of the eyes during sleep will be bigger than that of a Sim.
Look at that guy! He's Simming! I can hear his snoring.

He's simming in the simming pool! We should really go and save him because he'll drown if we do not pry his eyes open soon!
by HYPERBEAN November 26, 2010