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Working Girl; a call girl or a prostitue.
There are many sites that advertise and protect WGs for a fee.
#prostitute #whore #call girl #harlot #slut
by sgrl October 12, 2007
The german abbr. for "apartment-sharing community" (sounds like: "way-gay")

Usually describes a bunch of young humans with little money that share an apartment to save cash.
There are three kinds of "Wohngemeinschaften":

Male only: no one cleans the dishes or anything else. highest riches lie in bottle deposits.

Female only: everything smells like vanilla. everything's clean and decorated in a kitschy way.

Mixed gender: male flatmates are usually gay.
Kommste mit in die WG? Die Atzen zocken Guitar Hero!

Are you coming to the WG? The fellas are playing guitar hero!
#wohngemeinschaft #mitbewohner #flatmate #apartment-sharing #bottle deposit
by der_finne February 20, 2010
1. White Girl Syndrome

2. Acting Like A white girl
like if your man is cheating on you and you ask your self "what did i do wrong?" or "What didn’t I do?" thoses are considered having a case of W.G.S
#asking a white question #dumb #blaming of one's self #going crazy #not normal
by Moniica November 27, 2006
WG is the letter definition for white girl.

WG is used as the short form.
Look at that WG...shes is hott like hot cross buns....whattup dubbb!
by HT July 22, 2004
W.G are the initials of a deceased English cricketer, W.G. Grace
Dr William Gilbert Grace (1848 - 1915) was the greatest cricketer England has ever known. There are probably very few people, interested in the sport of cricket, who have not heard the name W.G. Grace. The year 1895 was the highlight of his career. In that year he scored one thousand runs before the end of May, made his hundredth century and finally scored 2,346 runs during the season. A little known fact, possibly known by opticians, is that during his time playing first class cricket W.G did not require a pair of spectacles
#batting #cricket #century #spectacles #sport
by I. A. M. Stias March 08, 2006
a white girl who dates black men
did you see that white chick leave that black guys house this mornin?
yea shes officially a WG.
#white #black #girl #white girl #mud shark
by buzzlightyear1121 August 15, 2010
"white girl" slag used by other races to talk about white girls while they are standing right there.
yo dis WG dont kno ebonics she look at us like we whack
by Alicen July 18, 2004
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