A punk-rock/emo band. I don't know why they haven't been labeled emo, but they definately are more so than, say, Death Cab for Cutie.

They're music's not that bad, but can be pretty annoying if you listen too closely to the lyrics.
"I'm sorry, I can't be perfect."

by Gil April 24, 2005
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Completely terrible band who pretend to be something they are not and whine about being something that isn't that bad. There's much worse things in the world to write songs about, like rape, death and robbery, but they choose to write about not studying for an exam and failing. Go figure. Loved by people who listen to the radio and watch mtv non stop and have not heard of great bands like Led Zeppelin and smashing pumpkins.
Tennybopper "OMG sp are sooooooooooooooo talented and pierre is soooooo hot!!
Me "Led Zeppelin and Smashing Pumpkins are much much much better."
Teenybopper "Who?"


"Try another SP:

Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins, Stoned Potheads.
by ZEROpumpkins August 26, 2005
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Simple Plan is a band made up of five people from the Canadian province of Quebec and consists of two members of the band Reset. (The only difference being that Reset was somewhat good.)

They have released two albums since 2003, 'No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls' and 'Still Not Getting Any'--and it can be presumed that they are still not getting 'any' because their songs should lead anyone to believe they are whiny 12-year olds and no one wants to be accused of statutory rape.
Example 1:
Person: Simple Plan is the best band and Pierre sings so great!
Me: No.

Example 2:
Person: Reset was much better.
Me: Yeah, probably.

Example 3:
Me: That's because you're trendy.
by ohpkyle July 24, 2005
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A pathetic excuse for a band. MTV made this band popular, many "punk rockers" like this band and go around screaming about "how hot the lead singer is" Simple Plan formed their so-called-punk band to show how "rebellious" and "punk" they are...it didn't work.
Another shitty band MTV popularized to satisfy the preppy teenage girls out there.
by DrFrankNFurter January 29, 2004
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they are one of the best bands ever. people always are saying that they have to much to complain about, but its their outlook on life, and its not just for them to complain about; its also for others to realte to. and then others say they have a punk image; not really, its just David and Jeff that make them look punk. so judge all you will Simple Plan is one of the best bands i have ever heard of!!
me: so did you listen to the band?
Talyse: Simple Plan? of course, only the best band ever... now i need tickets!!!
Me: they go on sale tomorrow!

(we get up an hour before tickets go on sale, and wait eagerly at computer for best tickets!!)
by rachel ainsworth July 25, 2006
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possibly the biggest, gaping, no talented, monotone vaginas with guitars ever; see blink 182 and good charlotte
simple plan, time to move out of daddys house, and learn how to play music. how is your life so fucked up, you dont support yourself...
by KDIZZO March 12, 2005
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A band singed to the same label as good charlotte .... do u see a patteren? the cry about who they are miss understood teenagers .. when in actual reality the are like 26-30 or wut ever and they still cry about how mommy and daddy want them to be perfect!!!!! come on get a fuckin clue
Fags like gc and avril and hillary .....fuckin fags
by Super S February 07, 2005
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