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an extremely loud form of laughter.
::someone sez sumfen funny:: everyone laughs normally then out of nowhere you hear.. BBBBBBAAAAAAAHHHHHH and it is usually continuous.. and everyone just stops and stares
by Julsie June 18, 2005
One of the most awesome bands ever. They actually write their own songs, so its actually their music. They really don't care what people say about them, and the only one that's dyed their hair black is David Desrosiers(bass player). The band consists of 5 memebers:
Pierre Bouvier: Lead Vocals
David Desrosiers: Bass, Back Up Vocals
Sebastien Lefebvre: Back Up Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Jean-Francois Stinco(Jeff): Lead Guitar
Charles Comeau(Chuck): Drums
As Pierre sang his heart out, and as David, Seb, and Jeff strummed their guitars, as Chuck took all his anger out on the drum set that sat before him, the crowd chanted: "Simple Plan, Simple Plan!"
by Julsie May 17, 2005

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