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used in instances when you just want someone to piss off
stop talking your preppy shit go die in a hole
by Michaela January 12, 2005
said when you have nothing else to say. usualy after somebody has just said a really good comeback or insult
Person 1: Hey i think theres to many people in this lift!
Person 2: Yeah because you count as 3!
Person 1: Go die in a hole!
by Charly09 December 13, 2008
A smart remark, or something to make another angry.
p1. Your fat.
p2. Go die in a hole.
by GDIAH July 05, 2010
What you say to someone who pisses you off
"Hey I lost you shoes.."
"You're an idiot. Go die in a hole!"
by LifeOnPoint March 29, 2015

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