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a lesbian band waiting to grow a vagina
look simple plans playing at the gay and lesbian parade!!!
by hitleringhobo July 01, 2005
Crappy band that has a lead singer that sounds like a Pre-teen girl. One of the many bands that are driving the rock genre into the ground.
Thanks to bands like simple plan rap is taking over and rock is going downhill.
by Jacob January 30, 2005
The worst band ever. Most of the fans are teenyboppers who have rabies and are brainwashed by MTV and VH1. Guys who listen to them are brainwashed into thinking they are punk. Listen kids, go listen to Nirvana or Yellowcard. Those bands are not pop rock like Simple Plan (mor lyk stupid plan m i rite) is.
Simple Plan sucks. Plain and simple.
by Blahb January 23, 2005
A punk-rock/emo band. I don't know why they haven't been labeled emo, but they definately are more so than, say, Death Cab for Cutie.

They're music's not that bad, but can be pretty annoying if you listen too closely to the lyrics.
"I'm sorry, I can't be perfect."

by Gil April 24, 2005
possibly the biggest, gaping, no talented, monotone vaginas with guitars ever; see blink 182 and good charlotte
simple plan, time to move out of daddys house, and learn how to play music. how is your life so fucked up, you dont support yourself...
by KDIZZO March 12, 2005
A Band that is NOT PUNK ROCK they never said they were punk rock. stop stereo-typing bands. all they want to do is make music they never asked for you to like them. they dont CARE at all if you hate them or not.
Simple Plan does have fans they dont really care you hate them
by Jen and Danielle December 29, 2005
a decent Canadian band that people love to make fun of.
Simple Plan is a band.
by Dom May 19, 2004