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2 definitions by sp37

to vomit in your hands
Danni took one look at Sohie, and then vob'd.
by sp37 June 23, 2009
15 12
No one gives a shit if you don't like them.
They have ONE song about their dad, and they talk about how it was hard for them to do what made them happy, and still please their family.
...that's not complaining. That's encouraging.

They actually have charities set up to help teenagers with problems. They are not just 'winging about their sucky lives.'

One of the only bands using their fame for good things.

They have so much talent, and the only reason people hate them so much is because people can't think for themselves.

Definately the most amazing band, and some of the greatest boys ever.

Unlike most bands, Simple Plan have fans they have will stick with them.
A: have you heard Simple Plan?
B: No. A lot of people hate them, so obviously they suck.
by sp37 June 23, 2009
9 59