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A pathetic excuse for a band. MTV made this band popular, many "punk rockers" like this band and go around screaming about "how hot the lead singer is" Simple Plan formed their so-called-punk band to show how "rebellious" and "punk" they didn't work.
Another shitty band MTV popularized to satisfy the preppy teenage girls out there.
by DrFrankNFurter January 29, 2004
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Five guys from Montréal, Canada. The band plays pop-punk music. They've been around since 1999 and put out their first album--No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls--in 2002. Their second album--Still Not Getting Any...--was released in 2004. Their third album, a self titled one, was released in 2008. Their fourth album--Get Your Heart On!--was released June 2011.

Their singles include...

Perfect, Welcome to My Life, Addicted, I'd Do Anything, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, I'm Just a Kid, Can't Keep My Hands Off You, Perfect World, Shut Up

Some people may say they're a bunch of lame, whiny, emo losers, but they're not. They have literally SAVED LIVES, including my own. How would you like it if people constantly mocked and ridiculed the people who kept you from killing yourself, ending it all? How would you feel if you felt like you couldn't talk to anyone about any of your problems and they were all you had? How would you feel then? Go listen to This Song Saved My Life- Simple Plan. Maybe then you'll get it. They asked their fans on Twitter how their music has affected them and this was the product: an amazing, beautiful, tear-jerking song. I hope you get it now.

Anyone who's never heard their music... Please just give them a fair chance. Please.
1: Do you like that band Simple Plan?

2: Yes! They saved my LIFE xD
by That one chick. Yeah. HER. March 05, 2012
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Simple plan, just like all gay punk rockers all suck big ones. They only appeal to 12 year old kids, who have such a horrible life because they cant go to the mall and buy new clothes or get a new video game. ever since going to africa and east asia on medical mission trips, when i see these types of people stand out. Obviously Punk rockers arent the only ones who are spoiled, but they sure do whine about it. Oh yah, they are canadian too. who likes canada? what good do the do? Hockey? Hockey has no scoring. very retarded.
canadian bands suck like no other!!
by matthew m. August 29, 2005
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A band singed to the same label as good charlotte .... do u see a patteren? the cry about who they are miss understood teenagers .. when in actual reality the are like 26-30 or wut ever and they still cry about how mommy and daddy want them to be perfect!!!!! come on get a fuckin clue
Fags like gc and avril and hillary .....fuckin fags
by Super S February 07, 2005
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SIMPLE PLAN is a pathetic pop band that formed in 1999. They're constantly ridiculed for their fagged up lyrics. I totally agree with this because all they ever "sing" about is how dumb their life is, & how their girlfriends dumped them because they found out they were gay and that they have vaginas.
PIERRE BOUVIER: Insufferable lead singer, enjoys making childish and obscene gestures with his stubby hands.
JEFF STINCO: Pfft! More like STINKO. He's the "lead guitar" in the band. He's also the egg head with the girly face and abnormally big earrings.
CHUCK CORNEAU: This one attempts to drum in the "band".
SEBASTIEN LEFEBVRE: Yet again, merely attempts rhythm guitar while failing miserably.
DAVID DESROSIERS: Tries much too hard to play bass guitar. He's the wearer of queer try hard emo haircuts and girl's jeans. Yeah, real cool David.

Even though they suck so badly, Simple Plan still (very sadly) has a large audience of mainstream teenyboppers with no taste in actual music.

SIMPLE PLAN SUCK... Seriously do not fall into the trap of becoming a "POSER".
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A French Canadian pop punk band. Okay, contrary to before definitions, they are not a bunch of whiners who whine about being rich. Their songs are for the people who listen to them--for people who relate to them--they're not singing because they think they have sucky lives. Just because those before have small and simple minds, that doesn't mean we all do, thankfully. Simple Plan-- if you would care to pay attention--has a charity for all teen related issues. Is that just caring about their lives or is that saving hundreds of thousands of teens lives? Chew on that, jack holes! Guys who diss Simple Plan are exactly like how they describe them-- they complain about how hard their life is-- when it's not hard at all and they probably bully everyone they can. BTW SP gives teens and kids with serious problems someone to relate to-- makes them feel like there is at least some people who understand what their going through. But, I'm guessing you haters wouldn't--nay!--couldn't be that sensitive, caring, and empathetic to give these kids who have had unfortunate events happen in their lives comfort, hope, or love, or understanding. Because you pretty much only look out for#1: your f**cking self! Well, some people wanna help these kids, and I don't think you should diss them for being a better person than you!
Dumbass Simple Plan Hater: Oh a charity dedicated to kids with problems-like depression and suicide-what a waste of time. They can just get over it!

Down-to-earth Simple Plan Lover: You're an idiot! You can't just get over depression and suicide! It's not just a cry for attention! It's a serious sickness and they need help. Why don't you try being at least a little more sympathetic and empathetic, you f**cking moron!
by simpleplan#1fan December 02, 2013
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A band that is widely hated by those who misunderstand it. They sing for others to relate to the song, but don't write songs that relate to their personal life, except for a few love songs (ex: Jet Lag). Canadian pop/punk band that is well loved by many.
"Did you hear the new Simple Plan EP?!"

"Yeah! Fire In My Heart is amazing! They've really gotten better since their first few albums!"
by fireinmyheart December 24, 2013
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