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1. a term used to describe an annoying bastard who goes around and fucks up people's lives.

2. a grumpy, selfish person who shows no respect for others
1. Man do you know that kid over there?
2. Yea, I know him.
1. I got accused of cheating because of him.
2. Me too, he is such a simon!
by AntiSimon2 August 11, 2010
39 73
a big asian that is interested in everyones lunch
OOoooooO wheres my lunch? OOOOo what is tht? a carrot? or a pop tart? says simon
by Yuri Suri February 25, 2009
39 80
An unusually short person, who most likely plays video games in class.
"That guy is only three feet tall."
"Wow, he's almost as short as Simon."
by BlackoutZero December 11, 2008
37 90
the greatest boyfriend Tegan ever asked for.
I love you Simon. From Tegan xox
by SexyTegs August 13, 2008
52 107
The Defination for the Word simon is:
an enormous, hairy dump that tickles your insides as it slides out!
Jesus christ, that was one hell of a simon, it fully made me intestines laugh!!!!
by Semaj enolo November 24, 2009
25 83
typically Irish and short. blue eyes. hot tempered and can't take what he dishes out. dresses terribly. long hair. practically drowned in cologne. small dick.no balls. awful taste in music. assumes. you know what they say about assumers. it makes an ass out of you and me. bad friend. can't keep a secret. thinks hes the shit and hes not but he talks it. mad creepy.
by BananaNutCandle January 23, 2010
18 80
Huge gaylord with cross-dressing tendencies. Likes to get close to male counterparts drug and fondle them.
wow what a repressed homosexual - he was such a simon.
by etyui November 04, 2009
30 100