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everything and anything you want it to mean.
guy 1 "dude! what time is it?"
guy 2 "half past 94"
guy 1 "no it's not, it's 4:30"
guy 2 "that's exactly what I said"
by 949494 March 09, 2009
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Yes, it is.

"94" with the similar pronounciation of "Yes, it is." in Chinese.

Same as 9494.
A: oh, It's a Good day.
B: 94

some time's may 9494
by Boolean Tao July 25, 2006
A number that represents the picture of someone crapping in which 9 is the person and the 4 is the toilet. Only cool people get it..
Dude.. I need to go 94!
by rapture- December 10, 2004

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