a man with a big heart for everyone. he has big feelings and doesnt like to show them much. a true big friendly giant. may be quite silly by getting worked up over nothing
Nicole: Stop being such a Simon :P
by nelsoncub December 25, 2012
The finest, funniest, sweetest, smartest, and most flirtatious guy a girl could ever wish to meet. He can woo any girl with just his sexy, stunning, blue eyes and golden, shimmery, blonde hair. You'll want to break up with your boyfriend just to get with him because he's that good. Although he can get to be annoying sometimes, he does it on purpose because that's his way of flirting with chicks. He can also be pretty badass to impress us girls. Simon is always there for his bros, whatever, whenever. He's pretty kick-ass at soccer, too. Every girl needs a Simon in their life, whether the relationship is platonic, romantic, and/or sexual. You can't live without him.
Girl 1: Woah, look at that guy's eyes, they are so perfect!
Girl 2: That's my boyfriend, Simon.

Girl 3: Look at that guy play soccer. He sure knows how to kick.
Girl 4: Yeah, he's incredibly hot. His name is Simon.
by downtothetenniscourt May 27, 2014
The Alain Prost of the new era. He saves fuel, and tires. He makes others lose focus and create mistakes, while he slides by and drives to victory.
Boothy: I wish I was a Simon
Deko: Me too
Boothy: You could never go a race without making a mistake, you could never be Simon.
by SennaSS July 09, 2011
An amazing person who is often too shy to say what he needs. Gives amazing cuddles and when in a silly mood can make even the grumpiest person laugh. Can spit out rapid-fire puns and will often be seen playing Pokemon furiously. Often have amazing green eyes and perfect bodies. Insanely smart at science, the best boyfriends a person could ask for.

Words to describe a Simon:
- Lovable
- Wonderful
- Unforgettable
- Humorous
- Sweet
- Trustworthy
- Friendly
Mum: "So how was your day, honey?"
Child: "It was amazing!!! I saw Simon at recess and he cheered me up from my horrible maths test..."
Mum: "He sounds lovely."
Child: "Oh, he is. I love Simon."
by RoseDreamer March 19, 2013
The most amazing name around. Generally, Simon's are the most amazing people to be with. They are fun and bubbly. They tend to go for angellic people, people named leanne for example.
Simon and Leanne are great together!
Simon the new guy is an amazing guy!
Leanne Loves Simon!
by QKAngel April 08, 2010
An awesome Aussie who never ceases to amaze the people around him. Many females wait in line to get with this Volvo-hating, football-despising S.O.B.

Extremely sexy and kind even though he lives in a backwards culture that drives on the wrong side of the street, eats kangaroo, likes rugby, goes out and almost dies in "the bush", and gets arrested for carrying BB guns.

Arrogant and mildly depressing at times, a Simon is an amazing and rare specimen of humanity that comes along once in a few thousand years. If you are priveledged enough to come to know a Simon, don't ever let him go. He will light up your life. He is also incredible in bed.
Liz: That is the sexiest, most attractive foreigner I've ever seen!!

Katie: I know! He must be a Simon!!
by Kytee January 18, 2010
Meaning 1: The word used to describe someone who is extremely awesome.
Meaning 2: The title of someone who's importance is greater than the king.
1. Mick Jagger is so Simon.
2. The Simon of England would like to see you sir.
by Anonymous Pukeko November 03, 2014

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