A word to describe a hugely inappropriate guy, habitual line-crosser and general problem maker. But sees himself as sweet, witty and desired by women.
Antoinne: Catharine shut up. Shut up or I'll punch you in the mouth with my foot.

Catharine: Why are you so mean to me?

Antoinne: you like it -- now go get me a coffee. All girls want me, unless they are married or a lesbian, and even then they still want me.

Catharine: yes master. You are such a simon!
by T-dash-roy October 17, 2013
A Simon is a rare kind of human thing. Indeed, it's the only human thing more gay than the 1D.
He is stupid and thinks he is the best guy ever.
He teachs obvious things to random people.
He wants everybody to be his BFF.
He is so gay that gay word was made for him.
Simon - hai goys, today iz best gui evr
Somebody reasonable - OH NO AGAIN, A SIMON
Simon - iz sad
*Somebody reasonable kicked Simon*
by Not s0r00t at all July 13, 2014
kind of an asshole. he doesn't speak well and he's weird. he may be homeless. cunt-licker and an asshat. but lesbihonest he has a huge dick.
Simon: We should hang out
any female: fuck you and your lice because your homeless
by krystal11 February 02, 2013
A Simon is when you get hurt during summer vacation. Making you unable to swim, sport and doing other physical activities.
Person 1: Dude you wanna go swim?

Person 2: I can't I just did a Simon.
by imedough August 26, 2010
a kid that takes two games to warm up and one game to cool down at bowling.
He wishes he was as good with the ladies as he was with quick scoping.
all the bitches love simon.
by sex kitten101 April 08, 2011
Can mean:

1 Yes
2 OK
3 or Agreement
1 Ey vato, did you see that firme hyna?
Simon carnale.

2 Ey vato, go get me a pisto, yea?
Simon carnale.

3 Ey vato, that busters from another neighborhood, lets get him!
Simon carnale.
by 1Casper3 January 24, 2009
To become swoll, too swoll to explain in words. No further explanation is needed. If you're not to this swoll level, you wouldn't understand.
I got a new jacket and it's so Simon.

I got a new jacket and it's too swoll to explain.
by The Swoll Master December 31, 2009

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