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means himan "the flap of skin in a females vagina that tears during the first time they have intercourse
"fuck that chicks simon bled all over me!"
by boblee February 07, 2008
44 121
A freaking smarttt dudee. Even though his name means "the flap of skin in a females vagina that tears during the first time they have intercourse" (btw thanks for the person who wrote that) Okay well hes a perfectionistt. and even though he might be really smart and ahead of everyone in math class hes still dumber than the 2 most dumbest asian girls in the world .. lets say their names are Sandra and Emily? He studies all freaking day, mornings and nights, yet he will still never be accepted in the world for his point of view of gay polotics. Loves long walks down the beach and korean bbq from korea town with his main man. Short, chubby, dumbish, and has the most interesting shaped chode in man kind! And he never bitches back at you because he always gets OWNED! but hes still a very good buddy :)
This Korean kid named umm.. lets say Simon P, loves writing autobiographys on his life as a gay doctor
by emilyownzzz August 22, 2008
24 103
A name for a really bad haircut.
Bob: Nice hair!

Harry: Yeah, the hairdresser calls it a 'Simon' haircut because it's really bad.
by dhfhzdnhnhjdjj August 03, 2007
55 136
1. defines AIDS.
2. if someone is being unfathomably pathetic.
Person: She's overreacting again.
Another Person: She's pulling a simon?
Person: Yeah.
Another Person: :/
by Snorlax May 10, 2008
44 139
A leader among men who has the unafformentioned ability to fail at launching. This person has multiple erections yet fails to ejaculate when predisposed to sexual fantasies and proprioception from sensual sources. This person is a descendent of a fish face and has yet to experience the ultimate satisfaction and blasting onto a person's face
Yo dont be a simon, that dudes a failure
Yo last a little longer, stop being a Simon.
by Failure to Launch April 11, 2007
58 179
A description word that means thick and creamy when describing cum.
"Oh, this cum is sooo simon," said Greg the man slut.
by Simon Hayes Harvey July 25, 2006
155 277