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adjective: Gorgeous, confident, cultured
noun: idealistic male.
Going to see Wicked? You're so Jai!
by Jessica February 29, 2004
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Adjective: A word used in SoHo area meaning creative, cultured,artistic, fierce , confident, and stunning. Noun: A positive woman on the rise who possesses all those qualities.
"OMG, she's SO Jai!
by Geeta Kapadia February 13, 2009
"Jai" an indian translation of "victory of". A prefix given to any word in the english dictionary to emphasise the amazing-ness of the word; making another word better than it already is.
Jai Curry; amazing curry; victory of the curry.
Jai Foot; amazing foot; victory of the foot.
Jai Dix; amazing Dix; victory of the Dix.
by jai amazing June 24, 2009
Fun loving Panda also known as a GHG (golden heart guy).
Look at jai being a GHG.
by Dale March 26, 2003
A word used in the D.C. area, meaning very or really.

That movie was jai tight.
The party was jai like dat.
by mizzjay2108 January 12, 2009
that guy who is pretty much a mad guy
did u meet that jai guy?
hes mad hey.
by jaiii May 25, 2008
see also GHG
by Anonymous March 27, 2003

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