Awesomely sweet. Way better than sweet.
Man, that ride was shweet.
by Me March 15, 2005
sweet as said by cartman from south park. Used to describe something that is utterly sweet, but because if it's high sweetness level, is accompanied by and extra h.

Dude, thish ish sho friggin' shweet! My retainer ish chocolate flavored!
by Slatte December 09, 2006
Comes from the use of the word Sweet as an adjective describing the utter coolness, usually used in conjucntion with dude of 1)a gamers demonstrated ability, 2)a quality movie/animation 3)a good deal,
1)Swheet shot dude!
2)woah! that movie was f*ckin' swheet!
3)Your making 150 an hour for f*ckin around? Swheet.
by Anon September 28, 2004
1. pet name for someone you like
2. cute boy - that would be fun to make out with
lets go touring for shweets!
by lookin4shweets February 12, 2011
When any particular event or thing, is more than just "good", "awesome", "cool", "great", "sweet"!
Anything that ones self really likes a lot!
Man,,, I went to that Clutch concert last night and it was, ShWeet!!!
by Dzil August 24, 2007
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