Sweeter than sweet. Most awesome word of life.
YH's word definitely.
"How was the party last night?"
"pretty damn Shweet!"

by holzzz November 10, 2006
Indespensable vocabulary. Goes along with dank and solid. I pity the fool that don't use the word 'shweet'
That bitch has a fuckin SHWEET ass!
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
An exclamation used to describe excellence or awe at something sexually arousing.

The combination of
sweet: An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence.

and shwing:An exclamation used to describe sexual arousal in a male.
That chick is shweet!

Check it out, Jill lost her top in the pool...shweet!
by iamafigment February 27, 2009
A very expressive word that means the same as sweet just used by people fangirling over something or just really amzed by something...
soccerchick01: " Hey gurl i saw Howl with no shirt on the other day!"
misthang33: "SHWEET!! I wanna see it!"
by Maple_syrup9 January 07, 2008
"Dude, i trimmed my balls today."
"...Shhhweet bro..."
:pretty much saying, why the fuck did you just tell me that.
2- or one could just be saying sweet with the sh.
"Dude, i trimmed my balls today."
"...Shhhweet bro..."
by johnathon jordan August 05, 2007
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