another term for sweet,rad,gnarly
dude thats totall shweet
by mileah April 17, 2007
The name of a dessert lounge, bakery and catering business in California
Have you tried Shweet's fruit tarts? They're to die for. They're soo shweet!
by kindalikesorta March 05, 2011
The massive dump you endure the next morning after a long night of munchies.
Paul: I took the biggest shweet today.

Jim: It was probably the turkey-banana sandwiches dude.
by whereismymindd October 03, 2010
'sweet' with a lisp
Dude, I jusht got my retainersh, itshn't it shweet?
by moi April 26, 2003
The term used to mean the opposite of "sweet" in a pseudo-sarcastic way.
"Dude, yesterday I was fired, got home to find an eviction notice, turned around to see my car being towed, and then saw my girlfriend making out with some asshole..."
by Amlethae December 13, 2004
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