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A girl who, when a man is having unprotected sex with her, holds onto him, thus disabling him from the ability to pull out fast enough.
Soph totally shwaned me last night... I hope to God she's not pregnant!
by Jwc June 03, 2013
Poop, Shit, or anything undesirable.
I really have to Shwan right now.
It smells like Shwan in here.
by bigdaddy14444 September 22, 2014
A bro, milf, fat ass, a good score on a golf hole,..... ect anything you want it to be
Hellllllloooooooo (shwan). Hello budddy hows my main (shwan) doing today?

Check out the (shwans) on that one. Damn those might be the biggest (shwans) ive ever seen.

God my moms being a total (shwan) today, she wont even let me play cod.

My (shwans) hurting today from papa (shwan), never letting him take me into his room again.
by Daddy shwan December 13, 2010
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