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8 definitions by Mattricio

To be homosexual
Jimmy is a little light in the loafers if you know what I mean.
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
439 97
Ejaculating on a woman's face, to cause her to groan, raise her arms and stumble about in search of a towel.
Jimmy gave Jane a hideous zombie mask.
by Mattricio January 03, 2003
190 32
To collect spare change, either from couches, passerbys on the street or any numerous other ways and means
Jimmy doesn't have enough money for the show, he will have to spange.
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
192 47
In the phonetic alphabet, the equivalent of C and B, respectively are charlie and bravo. Definitively, C and B, are used to represent to word cock and block. When using this conjunction, it is used surreptitiously, when in the company of the female gender.
Timmy pulled a charlie bravo on Jimmy, suffice it to say, he is not pleased.
by Mattricio February 16, 2004
26 6
noun: a person who is considered to be the king of assholes
Jimmy maybe an asshole, but Tom is an asspope
by Mattricio January 01, 2003
11 0
While working in a particular industry to obtain items for free
Jimmy got some shwag while working at the Foghat show
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
11 16
Female genitalia similar to junk, which is the male genitalia
Jane's garbage was sore from her constant masturbation
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
5 21