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A Cantonese surname.
Hello Mr. Shum, how can I be of service today?
by JennyChan March 12, 2008
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To shit and cum at the same time. This usually occurs when the victim is listening to beautiful music or is overcome by intense feelings of pleasure and emotion. Another occurrence is when you're jerking off and taking a shit on the toilet at the same time.
I shummed myself at the pink floyd concert when the comfortably numb guitar solo started

I just took a nice shum in your toilet
by dillskin April 07, 2011
A Shum is a person who buys new versions of phones as soon as they come out and disregard their perfectly fine old versions of the phone.... Usually people in their late teens and 20's, who want to look "cool" by having the newest versions of phones)
That Shum Dave just spent $300.00 on the new Galaxy phone that came out yesterday, although his old Galaxy still works just fine.
by Ken-1802 December 15, 2013
To shit and cum at the same time; a solo blumpkin, if you will.
Everybody run, Sammi's going to shum like crazy!
by Not A Facebook Friend August 28, 2011
Occurs when a man simultaneously shits and cums during ejaculation either alone or with a sexual partner.
When I have sex with her, it's so good that it makes me shum!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
Ejaculating so hard you shit yourself
Man, he fucked her so hard, he shumed in her mouth.
by Lover/Fighter July 06, 2011
The byproduct produced when a male shits himself while having an orgasm.
We had to change the sheets on the bed because there was shum all over them.
by seapocket September 27, 2010

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