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plural loos
Its Chiefly British.
A toilet.
loo time!
by Achilles March 11, 2004
(noun) toilet
i need to go to the loo
by eH? March 17, 2003
the piddly diddly department, poo parlor, etc. where people in Britain go to take a crap. The end.
Skip to the loo my darling---very ironic and strange
by Elkay February 24, 2005
In Persian language (Farsi) means "lame" and "boring".
Someone can be very LOOS when they try being funny but they are not, a boring joke can be LOOS too.
Loos nasho dige!(in Farsi)
Don't be lame! (in English)
#lame #boring #not cool #dull #bland
by shirin joon October 04, 2007
messing up when texting "lol"
Micah: Omg I just want to party
Nathan: hahahaha loo
#lol #laugh out loud #laugh #hahaha #:)
by Crazn Kyung February 16, 2014
when you fat finger text and send without proof reading. Intended word is "lol" . Usually autocorrect does not fix your fat finger mistakes.
"omg that was so funny...loo"

"loo did you see that"

"you made me loo"
#lol #fat finger #texting #autocorrect #man law bible
by p. skyllz January 09, 2012
A lieutenant, esp of police
In Seattle, all lieutenants were called Loo
#lieutenant #officer #cop #police #police officer
by Sleek_assassin October 22, 2014
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