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An sporting event originating in Greece as an honor to the gods. In more modern times it has become an international sporting contest were most of the world's countries participate every four years. The athletes selected to participate are their country's cream of the crop and represent their home nation with unparalleled pride. Being awarded a medal means you are one of the best athletes in the world. A pure and true athletic spectacle that has unfortunately received less popularity in recent years.
The true, original definition of athleticism originated at the ancient Olympics. Being allowed to represent your country is considered the ultimate goal for almost every athlete in the world.
by Matt..... August 09, 2008
An excuse to see young people in minimal clothing.
*Turns on Olympics*

Guy: Woah, women's gymnastics!

Girl: Woah, men's diving!
by Vince50 August 23, 2008
The one time of year when Americans pretend to actually care about sports like water polo and gymnastics
1. I hate water polo.
2. Me too but when the Olympics start i will keep track of every game
1. Oh ya me too!
by 99Cole66 September 26, 2012
Something that would be much more fun to watch if the competitors were allowed to take drugs.
Just watched a midget run the 100m in 6 seconds flat, then burst into a roid rage and attack the crowd. These Olympics are awesome!
by JaggerMaster July 25, 2012
Shorthand for "The Olympic Games": A sporting event held every four years on a very uneven playing field where rich countries' athletes kick poor countries' athletes butts so rich countries can gloat.
Olympics! Yeah! Time to kick some Tajikistan butt!
by QwertyChris July 27, 2012
Epic, unprecedented, fantastic, awe-inspiring, with fanfare. Usually refers to an admirable action, but can also describe anything visually, technically or demonstratively notable or outstanding.
His ability to projectile vomit into the intended receptacle was Olympic.

She strode in 6" Louboutins on the craggy cobblestones of the Meat Packing District in Olympic fashion.
by WebDeb January 21, 2013
The multinational games meant for fun and nationalprode, but over the years has gone to the dominant American team.
In 1896 when it started, the Olympics were fair. Now, in 2012, the US Team has been dominant on many levels in many events.
by jporregorre August 02, 2012
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