The uncontrollable feeling of constant discomfort, triggering a necessity for constant motion. Usually encountered during the morning after a night of drinking. The Shiftys are not a hangover, though they sometimes are a symptom of morning-after Still-Drunk.

Also caused by crashing after copious amounts of caffeine.
Dude, I'm getting the Shiftys while driving, this is bad.

I have to keep moving, I have the Shiftys.

I don't care if you have the Shiftys, you can't hang your legs out the window of my car!
by hellyes0 April 28, 2008
Shopliftin Racoon from Happy Tree Friends(Partnered with Lifty)
N) Lifty and Shifty are from HTF n they always screw up tryin to steal stuff
by Flippydaslasher October 30, 2007
A Shifty is a person that thinks he's the best, blames other people for his mistakes and doesn't understand that people do not always have time for him of things he's busy with. He generally gets mad at the people he doesn't understand.
Me: Hey, I can't make it tonight, sorry. (For let's say: Battlefield clan war)
Shifty: Then just don't come back idiot, we don't even need you anyways.
Friend: Why does he have to be such a Shifty?
by PoisonousCarrot November 17, 2013
Having no worthwhile qualities. Of shoddy standard. Undesirable or defective.

An item or person who appears crap, and on further investigation... is.
I thought if I got to know her she might turn out to be spongey, but she's not, she's just shifty.

by caughey March 20, 2008
A person that is so 1337 in every way that it is rumored that people in forums worship him. If you happen to see him in person you will probably have an aneurysm and die because his coolness is rumored to do that.
"Steve saw Shifty yester day and died because of the coolness."

"I want to see Shifty so bad, that I don't care if I die."

"All hail Shifty, our new world leader!"
by mKong July 20, 2004
Teh 1337est and finest of them all - his sexiness rules over everybody and he is king
1337 Uber Sexah Veteran Shifty!!!11!!
by Haze July 20, 2004
more than buzzed, but not quite drunk
"are you drunk yet?"
"no man, I'm just shifty"
by yoyoyooooooo October 13, 2007
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