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Flashy, showy. An item or person who, superficially, appears better than they actually are.
Deliberately trying to look good but lacking substance(unlike spongey)
In the case of people, usually accompanied by an arrogant or over-confident sense of self-absorbtion.
Look at the wanker in that hotted up WRX. That's stripper. Give me a spongey VW combi anyday.

I don't want to go clubbing, the girls there are all stripper. Let's find a spongey bar instead.
by caughey March 20, 2008
An item or person that is generally agreed to be good, but for no particularly specifiable reason, thereby giving off a general aura of genuine 'goodness'.
Having genuine worth (unlike shifty) but achieving it effortlessly (unlike stripper)
Being spongey is an extremely desirable state of existence
Forget about that tart Katrina, she's stripper. Not like Kristine; now there's a spongey chick.

Spent last night round at Jamie's place, had a few beers, watched the footy - it was spongey.

Gees when I first met Kirby I thought she was shifty...but once you get to know her she's actually pretty spongey

by caughey March 20, 2008
Having no worthwhile qualities. Of shoddy standard. Undesirable or defective.

An item or person who appears crap, and on further investigation... is.
I thought if I got to know her she might turn out to be spongey, but she's not, she's just shifty.

by caughey March 20, 2008

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