1.A person, (usually male) that instantly causes alarm when they appear in a room. Usually seen in black, grey, or variety of cammo patterns. Should not be trusted.
2.A strange aura of energy that follows a person. Nothing is obvious, but all get the feeling that something is odd. Everyone IDs the person on sight.
3.Jim K.
1. Look at that Shifty character overthere
2. Shifty? Oh, I know who you mean
3. Shut up Shifty
by Shifty July 01, 2004
(Noun) - Slang for a black urban male. Historically, black urban males prefer to have one hand on their crotch as if they are constantly shitfing it in one direction or the other.
"Don't stare at that shifty over there. He looks like he wants to start something."
by Elubart April 18, 2006
Roy Cropper look-a-like from Worthing who despite being clearly socially inept has a growing fan base at his college
"No-one likes me, i lack social skills, dear god/allah/luke webb(whatever your religion or non-religion) why can't i be like Shifty
by Arbeit_Macht_Frei November 19, 2004
A Bad Mother Fucker..
"i'm scared of shifty"
by Hobo's Scratch November 07, 2004
some kid from upstate NY. he's actually pretty fucking cool
i hung out with shifty the other night. we sucked mad balloons
by weasil March 14, 2005
A supernatural owning force/tool used to teach less 1337 a lesson in 1337ing. Requires batteries.
If you don't stop moaning young one, I shall use a Shifty on you.
by Smoothie July 22, 2004
1337 in its pure form. The pwner of the entire internet and possibly the world. Could own a small miniscule member with no effort.

Also see people who can walk on water

Shifty, spit on me please, I'll sell it on eBay.

Shifty, will you marry me?
by Sal July 20, 2004

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