Word used to describe someone/something that's just...off. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is, but something about that person/thing is just disturbing/sketchy/suspicious/creepy/unsettling.
I don't think Janelle's innocent. I think she framed her roommate. She seems kinda shifty to me...
by *The Boss* November 26, 2009
Often is named danielle. A very shady person who you should be suspicious of.
~"Stop being so shifty!"
+ "i cant help it. thats why i was named danie
by The Shiftyest of them all January 22, 2012
the act where a black individual is acting suspiciously and has beady eyes. they are usually concealing something valuable.
ben: yo, kumbi is actin all shifty today.

lewis: i swear my vcr has gone missing recently.

ben: zots!
by the unknown character. May 12, 2011
In No-Limit Hold'em, to overplay or overvalue a draw.
Person A: Did you see that guy shove 400 BBs with a flush draw?

Person B: Yeah, shifty stuff right there.
by A-rondo March 30, 2010
(n.) Slang for a shift supervisor. Used as to not confuse them with a manager, as corporate hierarchy must always be well noted.
Customer: Are you the manager?
Shifty: Yes, how can I help?
Employee: You're no manager, you shifty!
by Sovv J September 16, 2009

a woman who is a homewrecker and likes to hit on "bill wish"...often likes to use questionable manuevers in getting what she wants from other people.
Shifty, you wild thing, you totally stole "Hank's" beach house!!!!!!!
by sheshuba December 16, 2007
a shady untrustworthy person. Usually identified by their sleazy demeanour, constantly shifting eyes, and uncontrollable sleaze
Tom Carmody was looking very shifty as he puffed on his durry
by Shifty Old Boy November 15, 2010

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