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1. A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.
2. An unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.
my teacher failed my paper cuz shes biased against my opinions on affirmative action
by t-radical squared May 14, 2005
A word people use on YouTube when replying to a comment. Some people say you are biased when you hate a certain type of video games, television, music, etc.

This word is annoying. People don't realize that other people have opinions too. People who use this word think that their opinion has a big impact on everybody, and that everybody should worship them for it.
(1) Man, I HATE FPS games, they're so boring!
(2) You are so biased...
(1) Idiot...
(3) Just because he has an opinion doesn't mean he is biased.
(2) You are so biased...
(1 and 3) *facepalm*
by someguywithatie October 16, 2012
What all Urban Dictionary definitions are.
Even this definition is biased.
by The Guy of Enlightenment July 18, 2016
Having an opinion.

Mostly used by morons to describe people who disagree with them, as if having an opinion makes one a bad person.
OMG u r so biased!!!!!11one
by Snakes on a Wii September 22, 2009
1. To hold an opinion with which someone disagrees (i.e., to have the "wrong" opinion)

2. A manner of presenting information which doesn't clearly have a pro-Republican, anti-Democrat tone.

Jim- I don't really prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream, they're both equally good in my opinion.

Jeffy- God you are so biased! Chocolate is clearly the better flavor. That's just the truth.


Biased example- Barack Obama has a wife named Michelle Obama.

Unbiased example- Barack Obama is worse than Hitler, and so is every other Democrat that has ever existed.
by elvis9345 June 06, 2010
This fucking site and the fags on it!
gtfo urban dictionary, you biased piece of shit
by Tiffany McMillan May 18, 2008
totally cool, the ultimate in awesomness and purity of coolness - the opposite of baumer
Jeff: TA is so fucking cool
Tom: No man...its fucking biased
by Perfect_Cheezit October 28, 2004
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