1. Slang for a thin, pointy penis. Practically useless for anybody but the owner of said Sharpie, the common response to inquiries regarding one's Sharpie is "None of your business."

2. A brand of permanent markers used to write on almost any surface with pinpoint "sharpness", thus the name "Sharpie".
Joaquin: "Hey, Rob, do you have a Sharpie?" (referring to a marker)

Rob: "Y'know what, Joaquin, that's none of your business." (referring to his penis.)
by Joaquin Rocks! August 06, 2007
A modern legend, a man looked up to as a hero. Originating from C.Sharpe, the man from peterborough who invented the legendary SharpieTM marker. C. Sharpe then became an uberr pimp, and may take what he wishes from the female sex.
Guy 1 "OMG that guys awesome! look at how the ladies love him"
Guy 2 " Such a Sharpie"
by bobby714 June 28, 2008
Anyone in a service or a business who is not respectable.
I needed a new radiator. They wanted to charge me $800. I called another place and they said $200. What a bunch of sharpies.
by Bubba Zanetti April 05, 2005
1. A long, narrow flat-bottomed New England fishing boat.
2. An Australian Skinhead from the 60's and 70's. Predominantly male,some relics have survived to this day, evolving into Second-hand Dealers or "Truckies"..even "Bikies" The Females were distinguishable by the addition of Mullets to their crew-cut hair-dos'
Example for (2):"Cripes! I thought those Sharpies on the Tram home were gonna kick the shit out of me and Davo,sweetheart.
by Brett Williams June 07, 2005
Is the hottest guy on campus, with a tight booty.
alicia: Yo, did you see that Sharpie in your calc class?
Mikey:How could you miss him? I want to butter his biscuit asap.
by sasquashing hoe November 28, 2006
A gothic person; dresses in all black and has white skin, like a sharpie marker.
look at that sharpie on the stage!
by colin November 09, 2003
My lover, who is so hot! roar
Sharpie is so sexy, he's my everything. I love him.
by agent smith June 25, 2004

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