Sharpie: An australian youth subculture which existed rougly between the years of 1971-1979, that is, for most of the 1970's. They were most prevalent in Melbourne but grew to encompass both Sydney and Adelaide. They were different from the majority of youth at the time as they wore neat clothes and generally had short, neatly trimmed hair. They were a unique Melbourne subculture who wore clothes and shoes made by local tailors and shoe makers and listened to local rock & roll bands such as Lobby Loyde's Coloured Balls, Buster Brown, Hush, Skyhooks and AC/DC. They hung out around shopping centres and were itimidating in both their appearence and mannerisms. Eventually the sharpie era effectively came to an end with the advent of disco and the fact that it was almost a requirement that you grew your hair longer so you would be allowed into clubs.
"sharpie, sharpie, sharpie!"
by storkman November 06, 2007
Permanent marker used for the sole purpose to write on somebody's face when they have passed out(i.e. black hawk down) usually if they are so intoxicated or high.
Steve: Hey! Matt just passed out!
Chad: SWEET! I'll go get the sharpie.

The Next Day...
Matt: WTF! Steve! Chad! I'm gonna kick your asses!
by Gts976 September 25, 2007
if theres nothing makes a great dildo!

...horny ass chick...jumbo sharpie...hmm...this could get interesting...
by XxXcuddlesXxX August 26, 2007
A fishing term used to classify an elite angler who always seems to be in the right place at the right time because he is always "on the fish". His prowess is so keyed in that you could put a sharpie in the worst possible fishing environment (weeds, snow, hurricane winds...), and he will still catch a trophy fish because he knows something that no one else knows, exactly how to present which lure/bait in which conditions to attract any fish that are present.
I was at the beach yesterday and there were 20 other guys and no one could catch a cold...except Adam, he's a real sharpie on the surf, I think they started called him the fish whisperer after his 7th bass
by Bassmaster427 November 12, 2010
The teenager's crayon. Used to write on oneself, clothing articles, and preferably on converse sneakers. Get at least 40 of them.
I love sharpies. they are so damn cool.
by Roaring_Fyre July 24, 2010
Its obvious that a sharpie is a permanent marker that is usually black and smells really bad but what a REAL sharpie is, a girl, typically latina, who shaves off her eyebrow and draws a fake one on. It doesn't necessarily have to be with a sharpie, but everyone calls them that anyway.
"Wow, look at that latina chick with the shaved off eyebrows"
"Dude get with the fucking times, they're called sharpies"
by aznboy September 27, 2006
a device in which kids can get high (by sniffing) without their teachers, parents, or any other adult, (or snitches) can see.
Tori: Hey, Scotti, can i borrow your Sharpie?
Scotti: Sure. Here ya go.
Tori: Thanks. Im just going to use it to "work on my project".

Muahaha. >"<
by Premo_not_Emo April 22, 2008
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