1. A permanent marker that's made by a company called "Sharpie"
2. Type of permanent marker that's banned from most schools cause people sniff them and get high
3. What cholas and wannabe cholas draw their eyebrows with
1. yo gota sharpie? i gota finish dis project
2. dude hav u sniffd sharpies b4, its sick
3. Chola 1: hey do u kno how 2 get sharpie off?
Chola 2: why?
Chola 1: my eyebrowz dont look the same
by MiiSzBliiSsDoLc3 December 07, 2008
smell it to float with the clouds and rainbows.
(After he smels the sharpie)
Dude your sis is hot.
by Peeboy June 24, 2003
An adjective or verb showing how serious you are about something. If you are willing to "Sharpie" something, you are making it permanent.
James: "Are we gonna be able to get together this week?"
Seth: "Yep."
James: "Are you sure?"
Seth: "Dude, I Sharpied you in!"

1: "I am so in love with that girl!"
2: "You always say that"
1. "This time...I am Sharpie serious!!"
by flyn hawaiin November 09, 2011
Something you use to help you get high.
sharpies are not allowed at school because of disruption in class...
by prncss jose May 30, 2007
When your so sharp you out sharp a sharpie.
Miller was sharpie that day.
Yeah my nigga was Bold sticking out like a sharpie.
Looking Sharpie my nigga.
by BigDickMiller June 12, 2015
Term used by junkies of some sort for a syringe, dart, needle, etc...
Jason: Yo Laura, you got an extra sharpie for your boy?

Laura: Always do...
by JO Felony March 09, 2009
1. A person who is dishonest and will cheat when gambling.
2. A person who is a hustler.
These guys are real sharpies, you shouldn't play poker with them.
by Seye November 20, 2003
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