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The ridiculously easy way to get high. Easily accessible by many age groups. Most popular among tweens who sniff it constantly, but often get tired and would rather small the cherry scented markers instead. Some schools have realized that these markers are dangerous, so they watch their students carefully use them. Just like when they handle white out and glue.
Elaine: Ooh! Sharpies!
Matt: Yea!..
Elaine: Give me one! *sniffs* Do you think we could get high off of this?
Matt: *shrugs and sniffs them,too*
by Mistycloudx101 June 13, 2008
When your poop is hard and sharp; lending itself to being very difficult to evacuate.
"Grrr. This sharpy just won't come out!"
by papillion666 May 04, 2007
A 'Sharpy' is a word best fit to describe a person/thing that is; malicious, crafty, selfish and evil. A 'Sharpy' will spend hours upon end watching horror films and making robots, and complaining about things. They are also chubby chasers.
"Have you seen a film called hostel, it's quite new?"
"I think i saw the trailer for it; is it that Sharpy film?"
by Bulf89 April 11, 2006
a little git with a huge fringe and a minute brain. there is no apparent meaning of his life.

he just smells.

really bad.
eew, what is that smell?

by the best people in the world April 12, 2005
An older brother that hits on his little sisters friends even though he has a girlfriend.

God your brother is such a sharpy!
by I_n_d_i_g_o12 April 21, 2009
Computer genius (bill gates, eat your heart out!)(lol).Super genius.
The older breed of sharpies tend to have a boring job, be grumpy old men,have no apparent sex drive or humour drive.
Often have a cowan or baldie in tow , or, in this case,a person of lower intelligence.
by steve January 12, 2005
A piece of snot in your nose that you cultivate, usually whilst in the Australian outback or somehwere with exceptionally high amounts of dust which soon becomes a hard stalactite-like beast that typically stabs your nostril when you flare or aqueexe your nostrils.

Once picked they can be used in competitions to see who has lasted the longest with their sharpy.
"I gotta get this sharpy out, feels like a katana in my nostril"
by SubcommandanteAU October 30, 2006
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