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2 definitions by Gts976

A book written by Daniel Keyes about a man thats mentally retarted and gets this operation that makes him smart. He has a pet mouse named Algernon that has had the same operation prior to his. A lot of the words are misspelled.
Man, our teacher is making us read a book for a book report, and I chose Flowers for Algernon. It's a great book.
by Gts976 August 28, 2007
42 11
Permanent marker used for the sole purpose to write on somebody's face when they have passed out(i.e. black hawk down) usually if they are so intoxicated or high.
Steve: Hey! Matt just passed out!
Chad: SWEET! I'll go get the sharpie.

The Next Day...
Matt: WTF! Steve! Chad! I'm gonna kick your asses!
by Gts976 September 25, 2007
29 13