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Lad: An australian youth subculture centred around individuals who hang out in gangs, engage in petty theft, pick fights, vandalise property and use foul language which generally involves a great deal of pig latin. Hence the terms "adlay" and "eshays". Lads generally wear white caps tilted up at the front to show the front part of their hair which is often gelled. The strap of the cap is done up tight at the back and the possibility of a rats tails or other such hair style dangling out the back is common. They can be seen wearing white polo shirts, or polo shirts of other colours with short shorts (striped parachute/tracksuit pants in winter) and trainers. They sport brands such as Nautica, Saucony, Nike and Everlast and in addition to this wear ridiculously small bags usually scrawled with graffiti. 'Lads' are now commonplace is many areas of Sydney including but not limited to the inner west, outer west, north west, south and south-west. 'Lads' can be found in most high schools throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, they have a gang mentality which enables them to gain physical superiority over other groups and subcultures and are disliked by the general population. They can often be seen hanging around train stations and shopping centres or just roaming the streets in search of trouble. Lads are generally into rave music and in particular hardstyles such as gabber. They also engage in tagging as graffiti is a large part of the subculture. Lad girls wear similar clothing and often have their hair gelled and tied back tightly, giving it a shiny, sleek and some might say greasy quality.
Lad: "Lets catch the 492 from Burwood to Drummoyne adlay, we'll pick some fights with little kids when we get there"
by storkman November 06, 2007
A steaming turd produced by a hard night on the cans and curry or kebabs. Grog bogs occur the day after any given night where alcohol has been consumed to excessive levels. It is a foul, black, hot, sticky and large poo or series of poo's that are an essential part of the body's detox process
"hey mate, i let fly a couple of grog bogs at work this morning, man they were violent, i'm glad i got all that seedy $7 oxford street curry and those 23 schooners out of my system, im as right as rain now"
by storkman January 15, 2008
Sharpie: An australian youth subculture which existed rougly between the years of 1971-1979, that is, for most of the 1970's. They were most prevalent in Melbourne but grew to encompass both Sydney and Adelaide. They were different from the majority of youth at the time as they wore neat clothes and generally had short, neatly trimmed hair. They were a unique Melbourne subculture who wore clothes and shoes made by local tailors and shoe makers and listened to local rock & roll bands such as Lobby Loyde's Coloured Balls, Buster Brown, Hush, Skyhooks and AC/DC. They hung out around shopping centres and were itimidating in both their appearence and mannerisms. Eventually the sharpie era effectively came to an end with the advent of disco and the fact that it was almost a requirement that you grew your hair longer so you would be allowed into clubs.
"sharpie, sharpie, sharpie!"
by storkman November 06, 2007
A male from Sydney's North Shore (Northern Beaches) between the ages of around 16-22 who
A. Wears the trendiest clothes out
B. Has too much money and not enough to do with it
C. Lives in a mansion over looking the beach with parents who pay for everything
D. Hasn't experienced what the real world is all about
E. Hangs around clubs like the Greenwood in North Sydney
F. Constantly looks like they are posing for something
G. Have basic understanding of how society operates due to the ignorance of their sheltered north shore upbringing
H. Don't have much in the way of intelligence
I. Don't have much in the way of chest hair
A typical North Shore Fun Boy "hey dude, me corey and shay are goin' down to the beach for a surf, we'll pick up some extra drys, coronas, vodka cruisers or pure blondes on the way home then we'll hit up the greenwood man, pick up some chicks man. Just wait up i forgot my fluro shirt and sunglasses."
by storkman January 15, 2008
A game played whereby one person puts their hands down their pants, fondles their cock and then proceeds to rub their hand onto an unsuspecting persons face.
1. "I was walking to the kitchen yesterday and Sebastian jumped out from behind the wall and got me square in the face, what a fag"

2. "Cockhands!"
by storkman January 15, 2008
A type of spew associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. The grill usually takes place when a person is on public transport, at work or somewhere where there is no immediate place to let go of their guts. The grill occurs when an individual has the sudden need to spew but are in such a place where it is simply not socially acceptable and can lead to a great deal of embarrassment and a pretty violent stench. When the grill is properly performed you'll see the individual try to hold in their spew by tightly grasping their mouth with their hands creating the grill like effect as vomit explodes between their fingers to project at arguably a greater distance and with more speed than a regular everyday kind of chunder. This can lead to the kind of projectile vomiting that can come down like buckets of rain onto the unsuspecting bodies of members of the public.
The Grill: "I was on the bus yesterday and this bloke was convulsing, i knew what was going to happen, he shouldve just hidden behind the seat and let go of his guts in the corner but instead he attempted to run out of the bus holding his mouth in typical "grill" fashion, the outcome was horrendous, yet quite amusing"
by storkman January 15, 2008
Another, more prestigious word for slutrag used by upper class sluts.
"hey chantelle can i use your slutrag?"

"its actually a slapperchief thanks amanda, that was so demeaning, im not just any old slut you know, im a cremorne slut, a mosman slag and a north shore whorebag!"
by storkman February 28, 2008

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