A .lazy response of agreement to almost any statement. Takes the place of 'yeah', 'same', or 'mmm'.
Person 1: This lecture totally blows.
Person 2: Serously...

Person 1: Man, I am so hungover.
Person 2: Seriously...
by boppp October 28, 2009
replaces random as most annoying word in the world. it does not mean you're serious, and does not effectively emphasize what you just said. instead, secures you a position at the bottom of the social ladder.
A: the teacher doesn't know what she's doing.
B: i know. i really hate math. seriously.
A: ok bye.
by wrbivrty August 26, 2008
the ULTIMATE achievement of xbox 360 that consumes the mind, body, and soul and makes the user go completely insane while trying to obtain the beast.
Dude hes got seriously!
Wow he must be good!

Dude hes got seriously!
Wow he must have no life!

Dude hes got seriously!
Wow he should totally get laid!
by the master of time and space April 10, 2008
Seriosky actully means: "Am lying", and you Know it"
This comes from all the politicians, crooks and others who have used the word "seriously" when they were actually lying, e.g: "Seriously, am Innocent-Robert Blake","Seriously, am innocent-Martha Stuart","seriously, am straight"-Ryan Seacrest
Dude seriously, i got an A on that Chemistry test.
by Julius-Glass November 03, 2005
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