A .lazy response of agreement to almost any statement. Takes the place of 'yeah', 'same', or 'mmm'.
Person 1: This lecture totally blows.
Person 2: Serously...

Person 1: Man, I am so hungover.
Person 2: Seriously...
by boppp October 28, 2009
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Used when you're not *actually* serious.
Seriously, I want to be part of the elite media. Shit, I want to be part of anything with the word 'elite'
by sprtagt February 18, 2012
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1- to mean something with intent

2- Homestarrunners' SAying, also on bumber sticker, i really reccomend you check out the Strongbad Sings though (now has a great discount price!)
1- ''put it back, stoopid kris!''

2- Seriously, guys.
by BObo D. HObo July 29, 2004
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Seriosky actully means: "Am lying", and you Know it"
This comes from all the politicians, crooks and others who have used the word "seriously" when they were actually lying, e.g: "Seriously, am Innocent-Robert Blake","Seriously, am innocent-Martha Stuart","seriously, am straight"-Ryan Seacrest
Dude seriously, i got an A on that Chemistry test.
by Julius-Glass November 03, 2005
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