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word for a place where there are alot of douche bags in one place
i've never seen so many douche bags in my life! we're officially at the douchelympics!
by aakasd420 October 12, 2010
asking a question, slang word for emotion thats serious
jason: "she broke up with me and she wasn't even kidding, she was seriousing"
alex: "dude are you seriousing me? you guys went out for 3 years!"
by aakasd420 October 20, 2010
another word for douche..
hey shut up douche tits!
by aakasd420 December 09, 2010
someone who is real good at being a douche...

athletes are good at sports, doucheletes are good at being douches
you are such a good douchelete!
by aakasd420 October 04, 2010
a class with only douche bags in it
guy 1: hey man what class you going to?
guy 2: i got doucheletics next
by aakasd420 October 11, 2010
a higher class of patels..the best hindu's..always on top and in charge
you better listen to that desai else you'll regret it!
by aakasd420 October 06, 2010

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