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After a sentence, either sarcastic or serious when people have started laughing, use 'No seriously' to either show

A) You're serious and want them to stop laughing because it's not funny
B) You're taking the piss out of them by not being serious
Amy "Hey Ashlee, do you want to come with me and my extended family to woop woop for a month or two? It'll be super fun!"
Ashlee (laughs) "Yeah, a month or two in woop woop with your extended family will be super fun!"
Amy (pissed off) "No, seriously. I think I'll go ask Sarah. (under her breath) Bitch."

Jim "Dude, last night I had a totally rippin' threesome with Carmen Electra and Jessica Simpson!"
Joe (laughs) "Like fuck you did"
Jim (laughs) "No, seriously. I jacked off alone to Judge Judy."
Joe (disgusted) "Oh, dude" (leaves)
by Kateus December 29, 2005
VERB. The art of writing a fiction, fanfiction or story. Can be spelt with one 'c' or two.
PRESENT- ficcing
PAST- ficced or ficcing
PRESENT- "I'm ficcing right now, pass me that coffee"
PAST-"Dude, I ficced all last night," or "Dude, I was up ficcing all last night"
FUTURE- "I'm going to fic soon, but I need some inspiration..."
by Kateus January 01, 2006
Taken from a Beach Boys song, 'flip your lid' is a threat, or another way of saying 'I'm going to kick your butt'.
If you're going to use 'flip your lid', make sure you're used to being laughed at for having such a gay threat, and that you're using it on people who have no ability to hurt you.

Also can be used as a term for boys jacking off. Refers to 'flipping' or moving the foreskin to get to the glans.
While threatening someone: "Oh, I am gonna flip your lid so hard"

While talking about jacking off:
"Dude, I'm serious, I've gotta flip my lid to get any feeling going on down there."
"See that's why I'm cut, fool."
by Kateus December 31, 2005

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