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a derogatory term used for someone who gets their kicks by playing mind games or toys with people's hearts
So she lead me on and then told me she was already sleeping with someone else. She's a fuckin' twist.
#whore #dick #jerk #nimrod #loser
by SumuthaDude January 19, 2011
An unexpected change.
How the fuck are you gonna hit me with that twist? That's the biggest twist of the year. Thank you for the first twist of the year. This shit is bullshit.
by tw February 17, 2003
An individual who intentionally sabotages the lives and relationships of people around him/her out of envy and/or spite.
Because that twist is such a loser, whenever anyone around him is doing well, he purposely does something to sabotage them.
#sabotage #loser #envious #spiteful #evildoer
by jenclem September 08, 2012
Cockney slang for girl. See the Snatch DVD special features for an explanation. Girl rhymes with twirl, as in twist-and-twirl.
I don wanna see that twist's chevy (chase => face) again!
by batman October 20, 2003
the process of rolling up weed; often the blunt is reffered to as a twist
You tryna blow the twist?
#blunt #joint #roll #weed #pot
by Smooth Type April 11, 2009
roll some chronic
hey twist up that blunt
by hunt July 27, 2003
Someone or something that doesn't follow social norms and is really unique/different/interesting without being socially unacceptable. Just as there are plot twists (when the story changes dramatically or becomes different), a twist has turned away from societal expectations.
Damn, that girl is an badass twist!
#unique #different #dirty #crazy #twist
by devil_in_a_new_dress May 14, 2011
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