2 definitions by Laurdev

Disbelief in sarcastic form.
(As commonly used on the show Grey's Anatomy)
Meredith: You didn't sign the divorce papers. Fine. I get it. End of discussion.
Derek: Oh... I usually just say "Meredith" and then you yell at me. I haven’t thought past that point. I actually didn’t have anything planned. Meredith hits him repeatedly with her purse
Derek: Listen! Hey stop it! Ow!
Meredith: Seriously? Seriously?!
by Laurdev September 15, 2007
To forcefully exclaim with voice infliction while motioning almost in a high five motion, but more straight forward.
One time I was chillin' with my nigga Bo-Vice we was with some hoes, and I snuck up on that bitch real good I was all like WABAH! take that cunt!
by Laurdev September 15, 2007

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