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1 - An offensive word used to describe a women's genitalia. The root of the word, comes from the English derogatory word "cunt." The word itself is indigenous to the Caribbean and areas of Northern South America.

2 - The phrase can also be the combination of the words "cunt" and "skank."
1 - Suck your mother's scunt.

2 - What a total scunt.
by Team4Kira August 04, 2011
mainly meaning "skanky cunt". However can be used in replace of sick cunt, slutty cunt, sloppy cunt, shit cunt and many others.
"That chick is such a scunt" Or
"Fuck your a scunt!!"
by J.Lloyd August 04, 2014
A combination of the words slut and cunt. Typically used to describe a vile woman
I saw your ex today, I can't believe she cheated on you and got pregnant, she's a scunt
by dcole302 November 18, 2009
to be out of line or not level or not perpendicular
that shelf looks on the scunt to me
by phillip6340 March 06, 2010
A Stupid Cunt.
Can you believe the audacity of that scunt?
by Schmitty82 March 28, 2014
West Indian Slang (Patwa) used as an exclamation of surprise/shock. While it is a portmanteau, there is no right or wrong when it comes to which word gives the "s". Because of this, in the West Indies, it is never used to describe a person or object, only as an expletive exclamation.
Scunt!!! That 50,000 Volt shock hurt!

(Thanks to the guys from Ghana I work with for teaching me this, and many other, great patwa expressions).
by grendelum September 28, 2007
Hybrid of the words skank and cunt. Definition (n) - A mean-spirited nymphomaniac.
She just stole my wallet after I let her sit on my face for an hour!! What a scunt!!
by jackarroyo92104 May 20, 2014