A scunt is a woman who is stupid and a cunt simultaneously.
Did you hear what that woman said to me? What a scunt.
by Imek Rohew March 15, 2008
Scunt happens when you combine Skeez and Cunt
omg theres that homewrecker chick...Yeah what a scunt.
by 4beautifulchaos August 06, 2011
S+cunt = Super cunt. A combination of a skank and a cunt times 1000.
Jill, a young ignorant girl who sleeps around, never does anything fun except talks shit and eat at bars would be the perfect example of a scunt.
by TheJonSmith87 August 06, 2011
Smelly Cunt
That man over there is a Scunt.
by KingChav August 20, 2010
golfing term, normally meaning to miss hit the ball
damn it! I scunted that one
by phillip6340 March 06, 2010
A combination of a skank and a cunt,
also known as jayme.
holy fuck look at jayme the scunt!
by Scuntasaurus March 30, 2009
Scunt is a word used to describe one who is both a scumbag and a cunt.
That waitress was the biggest scunt, she is surely not going to receive a tip.
by Sidarius September 19, 2010

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