A abbreviated form of the term skanky ass cunt.
Luke don't let that scunt near your dick. It'll fall off!
by ThedevilWantsCheezIts July 17, 2011
A combination of the words cunt and almost any word you can think of that starts with a letter "s" and is also insulting (like slut skank scumbag etc.) those two words put together make the word scunt.
Oh my god look i can't stand that girl she's such a scunt!
by ballsucker3000 February 19, 2011
West Indian Slang (Patwa) used as an exclamation of surprise/shock. While it is a portmanteau, there is no right or wrong when it comes to which word gives the "s". Because of this, in the West Indies, it is never used to describe a person or object, only as an expletive exclamation.
Scunt!!! That 50,000 Volt shock hurt!

(Thanks to the guys from Ghana I work with for teaching me this, and many other, great patwa expressions).
by grendelum September 28, 2007
Smelly Cunt
I wouldn't do that SCUNT if you paid me!
by Joe July 03, 2003
The combination of stupid and cunt produces scunt. A, in most cases, female who screws a guy over.
Enrique: that scunt read my text but didn't respond and she apparently likes me.

Taio: wow, she's really screwing you over!
by JG10 December 17, 2011
its a hybrid of skank and cu*t...just as much sting,a nice additional weapon word in time of battle.
man not only did she give the dj a hj in the booth,but that scunt blew the cabbie for a ride home too!
by antjack August 10, 2010
A name for Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV). This was coined by Stephen Fry on his podcast "Stephen Fry's Podgrams" to give CCTV a more ugly and subversive name.
A graffiti artist may spray on a wall; "One nation under Scunt"
by The Lord Byron March 09, 2009

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