vulgar slang
a Scabby Cunt
a woman's scabby or crusty genitals.
a dirty-smelling, unpleasant or stupid person.
what you say when 'cunt' just won't cut it.
I asked if I could reuse the bottle she farted in, but she was being a scunt and refused.
If you like gross, fling that chic a fitty and she'll show you her scunt.
That scunt will suck your dick for a budgie.
by Justsplashin January 30, 2015
Smelly Cunt
I wouldn't do that SCUNT if you paid me!
by Joe July 03, 2003
Skank and a cunt
That bitchy girl at the club was a real scunt
by Chefhardee August 08, 2013
A abbreviated form of the term skanky ass cunt.
Luke don't let that scunt near your dick. It'll fall off!
by ThedevilWantsCheezIts July 17, 2011
A combination of the words cunt and almost any word you can think of that starts with a letter "s" and is also insulting (like slut skank scumbag etc.) those two words put together make the word scunt.
Oh my god look i can't stand that girl she's such a scunt!
by ballsucker3000 February 19, 2011
a smelly cunt
That scunt smells like tuna
by usain thunder September 09, 2010
A vaginal oder cream that is applied, hardened, and peeled off the exterior of the vagina. Eliminates horrible oder from the vagina and different smells are available. From strawberry to watermelon.
"Have you tried the new scunt 2.0, it has more flavors then ever.
by bladezzguy September 26, 2008

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