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The female sexual organ whether excessively lubricated or filled with the detritus of a previous ejaculation during sequential intercourse; a wet vagina.
"I hate going to a whorehouse and banging away at some sloppy cunt," said Ranger Rick.
by Tunmy AuGratin February 24, 2006
Insult for one who fails miserably due to unpreparedness, incompetence, or laziness. Used widely in England.
I said TWO sugars vicar, not one! You sloppy cunt!
by Teddy Hancock July 10, 2008
A drinking game invented by Australian university students in the '90s. The loser of each round has to give their best two cards to the winner as well as skull a drink (by preference a pint of beer). The loser is dubbed the Sloppy Cunt until they stop losing rounds whereby the new loser is the Sloppy Cunt. This continues until everyone is munted.
"I just wanted to play cards, but I fucked up and became the Sloppy Cunt."
by SuperSloppy September 11, 2013
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