Scotland is the best country in the world!!! If you are scottish then you were born in Scotland. All this crap about being scottish if your mum or dad is scottish is S***e. I'm scottish as i was born in Irvine and had a Glasweigen accent . when i was 13 i moved to aberdeen and i kept my accent although i got bullied for it. I left all my mates in Irvine and it is the best town in the world!
If your from Glasgow then you'll use words like..maw..da..whit..aye..naw.
If your from aberdeen then you'll use words
If you don't use any of these words then your probably not Scottish.
by Wully_aye January 01, 2006
Top Definition
the standard by which all else is judged.
<i>If it's not Scottish it's CRAP!</i>
by GothiousRex December 17, 2004
along with the Irish the coolest ethnicitys in the world
1. they drink
2. they like to fight over sports
3. their national costume is underwear optional
Dude those Scottish people are the shiznit
by odd_jackal October 06, 2003
Brother God to Irish! Scots and the Irish kick all ass and if you have a problem with that fuck off!
No example needed, if you need one...Fuck you.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005
God's Chosen People, but after a heavy night on the Whisky resulting in a huge argument with God he punished us and cast us down on to the island of Britain,and to add insult to injury he gave us the English as neighbours!.
Scottish people are the dogs bollocks oh and by the way Burns night is on the 25th of January NOT February ad it is whisky with no "E" Niyko you are hereby cast out of the Scottish club ,hang your head in shame. tut tut
by Tartan Terror July 09, 2006
1. The scottish language ; A form of Gaelic, closely related to Irish and Manx, part of the Goidelic or Q-Celtic sub family of the Celtic language grouping.
Not to be confused with 'Scots', 'Lowland Scots', 'Lallans' or 'Doric' which is a language/dialects of a language of Anglo-Saxon origin, formerly referred to by its speakers as Inglis/Ynglis, which assumed the title 'Scots' around the 15th century.
2. Ethnically Scottish - being those who speak the aforementioned Scottish language; Gaels or 'Gaidheil' in their own language.
3. Of or belonging to Scotland.
'Canan na h-alba' - the language scotland,
'an canan Albannach' - the language of Scots,
'Canan nan Gaidheil' - the language of Gaels,
'Albannach' - Scottish.
by siarach October 25, 2005
One of the few, one of the proud. Only country not to give in without a long fight against the Romans. Greatest drinkers on the planet. Fun loving people who dinny hold a grudge (except with england). You know you love us cause you've no reason to hate us!!!
Did you see that Scottish guy last night? What a laugh man!!
by Vin86 March 14, 2007
The sexiest accent in the world, The Typical Scotsman abroad is often plagued with hot women wanting to fuck his brains out.
Hot girl: OMG he is SOOOOOO hot!
Other hot girl: Yes!! he has a scottish accent, I wanna fuck him too!
by Eva Brownturd August 03, 2009

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