Gods brother to the Irish! The Scottish and Irish kick all ass and if you have a problem with that fuck off!
The Scottish do NOT always wear Kilts!
#scotland #ireland #irish #scottish #scoth-irish
by AE broadway July 28, 2007
A fantastic country to live in with people that just happen to hold a grudge against those that have done them wrong in the past whether they are from another country or not
Im Scottish and I've nothing against the English, I married one. England's past sucks.
#scottish #scotland #grudge #xenophobia #racism
by Scottish-lass December 06, 2007
I'm Scottish, so I can tell you that I hate haggis, I don't roll my "r"'s, I don't wear a bloody kilt, and I am not constantly drunk. I'm never drunk. And that "telephone pole toss" is called a "caber toss". Savy?
We're not all drunkards who wear kilts and fight senselessly. Just because we the Scottish the only nation to give the Romans a fight...
#scottish #haggis #kilt #scot #caber toss
by musicfan62 March 22, 2009
Something or someone who comes from Scotland.

I am Scottish & have lived in Scotland all my life & the only time I've seen someone in a kilt is at a wedding, we do wear underwear, no one I know reads oor wullie or the broons, but so what if they did?
Some of my best friends are actually English people who live in Scotland & they never suffer from racism and nobody cares that they're English so any English person who does suffer from racism probably provokes it by stereotyping, insulting and generally being racist to the Scottish person to begin with.

And, just for the record, most people I know hate haggis.
"That Scottish girl rocks, and so does her lovely friend from England"
by Chick from L'ecosse July 28, 2005
A proud nation of people that were born in Scotland.

Scottish men wear the traditional kilt at celebrations like weddings.

Scottish people vary from sponging scum that don't work, to people that are from hard working class backgrounds, and then there's the posh people from places like Bearsden.

Famous Scottish beverages are, Irn Bru which is a soft drink, Whisky - famous the world over, then there's Tennents Lager.

Famous Scottish treats are tablet & shortbread.

Haggis is something people only usually eat once a year on Burns night. (I am 34, Scottish and never ate haggis and don't plan too thank you. I have never eaten a fried mars bar and don't know any Scottish person that has.) I know some numpty English people that have ate fried mars bars though!

Also it is widely known that Scottish people don't like English people.

Most Scottish people love a laugh, have a great sense of humour and know how to throw a great party!

There are many different Scottish accents depending on what area you are from.

Scottish people would love to be an independent country separate from England, but the English want to keep a hold of Scotland do bleed the country dry of all money and resources as they know the have a little goldmine in their hands and will never let go.

The most common hair colour of Scottish people is actually brunette, then blonde, then very few are red heads/ginger.

Also Scottish people are great inventors, think about certain products used over the world and you will usually find that a Scottish person invented it.

Scottish Haggis - Yuk
#irn bru #haggis #kilt #tablet #whisky
by Scotland the Beautiful December 20, 2008

" Also Negroes turned inside out." The Scottish are a cultured and intelligent people who have been discriminated against in both England and America. Believe me, those WASPs weren't always holding parades for us. They used to burn our churchs, lynch us, fire us first, hire us last. Plus, since we were all poor, did all that jigging, and drank a lot they didn't consider us white. They used to call us "negroes turned inside out." So don't take your heritage for granted, my fellow Scottsmen. We've been through a lot. Thats probably why Scottish women are some of the most strong-willed, brave women in the world, a long with black, italian, irish and jewish women. The same goes for our hard-working men, who gave their lives on the assembly lines. Never forget.

Know your roots, my fellow Scottsmen. Scottish pride
The coolest guys you will ever meet. Scottish
#scottish #scotts #scottsmen #scotland #negroes
by O sullivan December 09, 2007
Scotland is the best country in the world!!! If you are scottish then you were born in Scotland. All this crap about being scottish if your mum or dad is scottish is S***e. I'm scottish as i was born in Irvine and had a Glasweigen accent . when i was 13 i moved to aberdeen and i kept my accent although i got bullied for it. I left all my mates in Irvine and it is the best town in the world!
If your from Glasgow then you'll use words like..maw..da..whit..aye..naw.
If your from aberdeen then you'll use words like..awa..fit..fere..bide
If you don't use any of these words then your probably not Scottish.
#glasgow #scottish #aberdeen #born #ken #scotland
by Wully_aye January 01, 2006
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