Scotland is the best country in the world!!! If you are scottish then you were born in Scotland. All this crap about being scottish if your mum or dad is scottish is S***e. I'm scottish as i was born in Irvine and had a Glasweigen accent . when i was 13 i moved to aberdeen and i kept my accent although i got bullied for it. I left all my mates in Irvine and it is the best town in the world!
If your from Glasgow then you'll use words like..maw..da..whit..aye..naw.
If your from aberdeen then you'll use words
If you don't use any of these words then your probably not Scottish.
by Wully_aye January 01, 2006
Proud nation who generally like to hate the English and hold onto past events- easily influenced by Mel Gibson films.
Scottishman- Brave heart was insane. Mel Gibson dipicted the Scottish struggle against the wankers of England just perfectly; seeing those heads severed really made my day.
Englishman- Yeah that was pretty cool! sorry about all that by the way, we were jerks back then.
scottish man- FRRRRRREEEEEDOMMM *hacks englishman's head off with a make-shift sword*
by Jasonm77 March 28, 2007
The Scottish culture is one of the Three Best Cultures, which are the (not uptight part of the) English culture, the Flemish culture and this one.
Scottish, the language, rules!
by LA-Z-BOY June 17, 2006
Classy Irish. They beat their kids and drink behind closed doors because they have a sense of decency.
You never find a Scotsman out on the street during St. Patty's. Instead, the Scottish stay at home and get trashed.
by Muse213 March 22, 2011
Scottish, when referring to scottish ppl great! Im scottish and drink whiskey, dont eat haggis, LOVE men in kilts and pipers! CRy everytime sum1 mentions th film braveheart, say braw whenever i can, cant understand th broons and am extremely proud of my heritage! I embrace my steroetype! and if u wanna escape it whatever! I dunno any1 called jock or jimmy and we all hate gingers! see: minging

"check the braw scottish piper swigin the whiskey! "
by Cathy 13 September 04, 2005
Noun, adj.

Generally used outside of Scotland as a gentle way of describing a drunk, job-less, aggressive, half-crazy football supporter with a horrible accent coming from the north who thinks he's the shit.

Within Scotland, used synonymously with pride, strength, health, honor and decency. Something everybody knows the Scots for, obviously, not head butts and heroin addiction.

Scottish may also be used to describe an excessively stupid act: "stop acting so scottish and put that needle down man!"

Do not confuse with Chav, which, while it is an equally repulsive animal, comes from Kent and Essex, not Glasgow. However, Chav and Scot are not mutually exclusive.

Scottish may be used to describe a fat person who deep-fries chocolate, or someone who wouldn't spare a penny to save his dying grand-mother.
I can't believe I just saw this fat, drunk, aggressive, half-crazy, skirt-wearing, money grabbing, heroin addicted, job-less football supporter choke on that deep fried mars bar!! He looks really proud of himself too. He must be Scottish.
by polishimmigrant February 14, 2011
1. Second Name Is 'Mac' Something
2. Ginger
3. Speaks Too Fast
4. Heavy Drinker
5. Sexist
6. Racist
7. Refers To Themselves As Scottish, Not British
8. Hates The English For No Obvious Reason Other Than Their English
wife : i wish you would help around the house more
husband : back tae the kitchen wi ye woman and get me a beer

scottish man : we scots are better than them english scum
by CamboMacKay June 02, 2010

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