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Edinburgh street slang for Cocaine.

The actual phrase was thought to have originated down the shore area of Leith and quickly spread up town and now as far as Glasgow and Dunfermline.
A typical example of the phrase being used at street level:
Hood 1 - "Inglis?" - asking the question.
Hood 2 - "Inglis!" - confirming the answer (yes I have inglis)
by Ingliston Market September 05, 2008
A name given to ederly mens hair style when they insist on wearing their grey hair as what is also known as the mulletstyle.but this normally refers to the younger mans hairstyle.Origin is from the great white mullet, Mr Inglis of Australia.
"mummy look at that old mans long grey hair!"

"yes dear thats his inglis, I wonder if he is the great white mullet??"

by startracker November 26, 2007
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