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1) term used to describe someone from scotland. (note: not every1 there rolls their R's and says occh I jimmy al the time)
2) a type of dialect. the scottish language was originally a form of gaelic, from when the irish settled in scotland. That language is rapidly going away and so a form of english is more commonly used in scotland.

the collective noun the "scottish" are a group of people who are born in scotland and face many prejudices from narrow-minded idiots.
seriously, wot is with all the other definitions??? they are completely steriotyped, the people should either get a life or at least VISIT SCOTLAND and see for themselves that the scottish arent all whiskey-drinking, sheep-shagging, kilt-wearing, aggresive pigs.
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
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An adjective describing a pleasurable sexual experience.
What a Scottish Shag!
by The Raging Scotsman November 12, 2003
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1. Something or someone originating in Scotland.
2. The Doric, sometimes thought of as a dialect of English but this is incorrect. Germanic, has the same root as English.
NB - This is sometimes taken to mean "someone who drinks whiskey, eats haggis and regularly says 'och aye Jimmy'". This is highly offensive - I'm Scottish, I like haggis, hate whiskey and... well, the words 'och aye Jimmy' were invented for an English music hall!
The frequent Anglo-American misuse.
by Nvok February 16, 2005
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A bunch of Irish Warriors who got lost,and settled north of Hadrians Wall later assimilated lots of blue painted guys(Picts,not smurfs!)
There are two types of people in this world.
1. Scottish.
2. People who want to be.
by Wallace's pet flea August 18, 2006
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" Also Negroes turned inside out." The Scottish are a cultured and intelligent people who have been discriminated against in both England and America. Believe me, those WASPs weren't always holding parades for us. They used to burn our churchs, lynch us, fire us first, hire us last. Plus, since we were all poor, did all that jigging, and drank a lot they didn't consider us white. They used to call us "negroes turned inside out." So don't take your heritage for granted, my fellow Scottsmen. We've been through a lot. Thats probably why Scottish women are some of the most strong-willed, brave women in the world, a long with black, italian, irish and jewish women. The same goes for our hard-working men, who gave their lives on the assembly lines. Never forget.

Know your roots, my fellow Scottsmen. Scottish pride
The coolest guys you will ever meet. Scottish
by O sullivan December 09, 2007
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me, im scottish
by FireAlarm14 May 03, 2010
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People who have back grounds and ancesters who are Scottish and who live and/or come from Scotland.
Its a Nationality not a Stereotype.

Most of Scots don't wear Kilts. Kilts are a Scottish tradition and are sometimes worn in weddings and shows such as a Ceilidh etc. Hardly ever as general use.

Haggis is ate as a remembrance of Robert Burns ate on the 25th Of Febuary. And Whiskey is a drink from Scotland but it drunk all over the world.
The man next door is Scottish
by Niyko July 24, 2005
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