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along with the Irish the coolest ethnicitys in the world
1. they drink
2. they like to fight over sports
3. their national costume is underwear optional
Dude those Scottish people are the shiznit
by odd_jackal October 06, 2003
the end of the world
if reality tv was a person i would kill it...but first i would rip its eyes out and make it look at itself.
by odd_jackal October 06, 2003
1. An anti-personel mine used by the military. Consisting of hundreds of BBs packed into a plastic casing backed by a few pounds of plastic explosives.
2. A long Scottish sword that is held with two hands.
blowing up watermelons with improvised claymores is hella fun
by odd_jackal October 07, 2003
1. leather pants worn by gays and motorcycle enthusiasts.
2. word meaning friend usually spoken in a painfully exaggerated 17th century british urchin accent.
1. gay dudes wear leather chaps
2. How are you today ol' chap?
by odd_jackal October 07, 2003
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