A society of people from scotland, above england
inheritantly prone to moaning about the english despite a long intertwined history including a scotish royal family (the stuarts)

also like to hate the english despite how we fund them and our taxes pay for your ..everything
known for kilts and whiskey
the scots or also known as Scottish
by bob44441 March 26, 2010
Sublanguage; when someone speaks a version of English with slight mumbles and slurs with unnecessary speed at times.
"Why couldn't that person understand me? Was I speaking Scottish, again?"
by Spine4you November 01, 2009

Miserable, under evolved Englishman.
Keen on fighting,football, drinking and er, fighting. Often wears a skirt but denies such obvious transvestism by renaming such garments as "kilts"

Not guilty of the charge of sheep shagging which is practiced solely by the Welsh
1st Scottish Man-"Do ye wanna go oot and fight Angus"
2nd Scottish Man-"Aye", Let me just finish ma whiskey and put ma skirt back on"
by littlegeorge February 02, 2010
Referring to the accent.
The Scottish accent is the most popular in the UK according to a recent BBC poll. The scottish accent may include words from the Scots language but they are not the same thing.
Milk is pronounced "mulk"
Fish is "fush"

Gavin Hastings the rugby player has a good scottish accent.
by Geggs January 23, 2005
Pertaining to anything from Scotland except the only thing worth a shit from Scotland whitch is Scotch.
Kenneth: That drunk over there with the tartan dress on is Scottish.
Barny: Yeah, he's full of Scotch and shit.
by BolloxThe Brave March 05, 2009
dumb big headed ugly assholes that stink like whiskey mixed with shit
This drunk dumb ass with big head must be scottish.
by sssss12345 July 26, 2009
A brand of person, typically insane, drunk or some combination of. The Scots have a higher than average distribution of world class nutters. The strongest and most independent people on the planet, a colony of England. Unlike the Irish who managed to liberate the South all the Scottish have managed to get themselves is an assembly. Sir Sean Connery is the closest they have come to having a leader, he lives in the Bahamas.
Look at that nutter, he must be Scottish.
by Afterburner October 25, 2007
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